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Clare West

Finance Editor


You want to know whether to buy the product? Or engage the services? You want to be able to explain the idea? Or understand the concept? You want to know who to vote for? Or trust your money with? You need clarity.

That’s my role.

As a finance writer, I can’t make decisions for you because only you know what’s right for you. My role is to understand the things that are going to be important to you, remove anything that could work as a barrier to understanding, and then ensure you don’t miss a thing.

It’s an approach that has won me awards from professional bodies (‘Website of the Year’ at the Professional Adviser Awards 2021) and recognition from the organisations where I’ve worked (‘Outstanding Contribution’ at The Yardstick Agency; ‘Marketer of the Year’ at Mitek Systems).

As a finance writer, I want to know what your motivations are, what emotions you have around investing and the money markets, and what’s holding you back from taking the decisions you want to take.

To build a full picture of my readers’ needs, I start by eavesdropping. Thankfully, it’s 2024 so I don’t need to strain to hear people’s conversations in pubs or on the bus. I can avoid the funny looks by spending my time on podcasts, Twitter/X, Reddit and Discord threads, listening to radio phone-ins, and joining community forums. I am always seeking to understand more so I know what is important to my readers.

Finances are about so much more than numbers on a page. Achieving your financial goals allows you to feel peace of mind, have confidence in your future, and achieve the things that matter to you. Financial wellbeing allows for life goal fulfilment.

I’ve spent ten years specialising in writing about financial services, so I know that in financial services, trust is absolutely vital. I am delighted, therefore, that everything we do at Investing Insiders centres around trust. Our mission is to write honest reviews based on our personal opinions. We are not swayed in our opinions by incentives or influences from providers. Where we have a relationship with a provider that could affect our neutrality, we will let you know. But we are clear; whatever relationship we have with providers, our reader comes first. Simply put, we can’t be paid to change our opinion. Any tips, top deals, best buys and suggestions I provide are done so because I genuinely believe they are worth knowing about. I am clear who my obligation is to: you, the reader.

That also means we provide full disclosure on how we work; how our opinions are formed, and how we come to our conclusions. To gain trust and clarity, you need to know we have no hidden agendas. Only then can you trust us to provide information you can rely on, and which you can use to form the basis of your financial decisions.

Clarity, always.