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Investing Insider Editorial Guidelines

Our key principles

We are committed to publishing content that is:

  • Accurate
  • Helpful
  • Written with integrity and free from outside influence

What do we mean by that?


    We make every effort to ensure the information we publish is up-to-date and accurate, and that it does not misrepresent a provider’s proposition in any way. We follow a rigorous research, fact-checking and editorial process that has as its first objective, providing value to our readers. You cannot gain clarity and make smart decisions with your money if you don’t have accurate information at your fingertips.

    However, we work in an industry where figures change often. To mitigate this, we perform regular checks of platforms’ key information pages, and use software to help us catch changes that we might have otherwise missed. However, we are not infallible and there may be times when we make unintentional errors or present outdated information. When this happens, we update our reviews, guides and recommendation pages as soon as we are notified, issuing a clarification if necessary. We encourage consumers and providers to report any errors they find to us.


    Content that is helpful provides value and answers questions. It is original and doesn’t just regurgitate what can be found elsewhere. It fills in gaps and offers solutions. That’s the goal our writers keep in mind at all times when working on the content for our audience.

    Written with integrity and free from outside influence

    Our reviews are written independently and without influence from platform providers. They are based on our own experiences as investors and traders, and an impartial data-driven appraisal of how a provider performs in relation to their peers in areas such as fees, asset choice, research tools, ready-made portfolio performance (where applicable), and customer service. The verdicts we reach are based entirely on what we believe readers need to know in order to make fully informed, money-smart decisions.

    Put simply: we cannot be paid to change our opinion.

A note on AI

    We don’t use A.I. to generate content. Ever.

    Why? Well, because we believe that we’re better able to add value in the distinct ways our readers need, than an A.I bot is (currently). Sounds like we’re full of ourselves, doesn’t it? We’re pretty humble as it goes; we just happen to know what goes into understanding the needs of our users and we know it’s not something that even the most talented bots out there have yet mastered. There’s a reason humans still seek out humans to help them solve certain problems – because we understand the human experience best.

    Our content is curated through exploration, scrutiny, discussion and analysis, and requires a combination of our professional knowledge, expertise, personal experiences as customers of the platforms we review, and research skills we’ve built up over time for the specific tasks we perform. We know the value we can provide comes in very human form.

Errors and corrections

    As a team, we make every effort to ensure the information we publish is of the highest standard; accurate, up-to-date, and fair. But things can change fast in financial services. For this reason, we perform regular checks of platforms’ key information pages, and use software to enable us to pick up on anything we might have otherwise missed. However, if we make a mistake, or erroneously continue to present outdated information, it is our policy to correct those errors as soon as we’re made aware, and issue a clarification on our website if necessary.

    We welcome questions and comments from website users. If you are a platform representative and you wish to request an amendment or correction, please contact us here.


    From how we score, to how we get paid… we’re more than happy to provide transparency on how we work. To understand how our reviews are written, visit How we review.