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Antonia Medlicott

Founder and MD

About me

Do you know if the platform you currently use is the most cost-effective solution for your purposes? Do you know how your investments are performing when compared to the whole of the market? Are you achieving the best possible results? Or are you new to investing and looking for the best solution for you?

I am Antonia, and I love to help people snowball their savings using modern technology. I believe everyone should have the same opportunity to grow their money as quickly as possible, regardless of their knowledge or experience.

I aim to help you optimise your investments by ensuring you are using the best possible vehicle, whether that be the platform with the best pricing structure and services to meet your needs, the right account to help you invest as efficiently as possible, or the portfolio that would have given you the best possible returns in recent years.

How do I achieve this? I perform countless hours of meticulous research in order to identify platforms that are overcharging their customers, and ready-made portfolios that are woefully underperforming the market.

I put you at the centre of everything I do. I like to put myself in your shoes, to ensure my reviews bring real value. The reviews aren’t just my opinions, or what the platforms want you to hear, they are data-backed, humanly tested, authentic assessments.

I never pull punches. If I think a platform isn’t up to standard, I’ll say so. No platform can pay me to say anything other than the truth.

I’m also someone who uses these platforms myself. This gives me first-hand, relevant experience managing my own investments, as well as those of my family. While I am not here to offer you financial advice, I understand the need for time-saving solutions that still provide excellent value for money.

Which platforms do I personally use? While I open an account with every platform I review, there are some that I have kept for my own personal savings and investments.

  • Moneybox – Because of its fantastic savings rates in a cash ISA, I choose this for all my tax money that I need access to.
  • Plum – I opened my Plum account years ago when reviewing the platform, and immediately liked its saving algorithm which has helped me build a little investment pot. I also like the funds they offer and at the time of writing, I am currently up 18% which isn’t too shabby.
  • InvestEngine – It’s just too cheap to pass up, and I’m a fan of ETFs, so I have a small holding here where I’m currently testing whether we can outperform their ready-made portfolio with our own DIY version.
  • Hargreaves Lansdown – Since scrapping their fees on their Junior ISA, this has become a great platform for buy-and-hold investors saving for kids. I hold my son’s Junior ISA here.
  • Trading 212 – I like this platform. It isn’t overly complicated but still has good access to research, 24/5 trading, and really low fees.

I’ve been doing this job for a number of years now and while this is in no way financial advice, I believe my breadth of experience can bring real value, and I’m lucky to be supported by an awesome team of writers and analysts. We genuinely love what we do.

I will always welcome feedback and commentary in my quest to keep developing and improving the service I provide.

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